Friday, December 14, 2012


I just logged on and saw the news about the CT shooting...I cannot even think right now as I sit in a crowded German bakery listening to happy talk all around.  The insanity that the parents and a community are living in a place of very real Hell right now as I sit here trying to stomach the thought of eating Pork Schnitzel...and all I want to do is run to pick up my kids.  To wrap them in my arms and tell them how good and perfect and lovely and dear they are to me and to this world.

To imagine a room full of young kids, kids my kids' age...being exposed to this insanity...I cannot even speak let alone hold in the tears.   

When is it enough?  
How many more young precious human beings do 
we have to lose before we rise up and say it is enough!?
You all...these were such young kids, kids who still hold 
so much love and excitement for the world...
who haven't been squashed by the world yet enough to know that there is even evil out there.
When is it enough?

The time is now...things in this world HAVE to change now...we need a new way of relating to each other...a new SYSTEM is in which people know not that they are born sinners...but born of the Divine, of love...that they are Light. ENOUGH of starting our kids from a place of in which they never see a way out, the hole is too deep and the GRACE is just not enough...and thus they resort to senseless acts like this.  

Enough of the weapons of mass destruction.  Enough of the swords used by bullies in our political world, in our social world and in our homes.  Enough of the bullets cruising through the streets making enemies out of the "The Others" that simply do not exist.  

We do not need a savior who bled 2000 years ago who came under the premise that we are all such rotten apples to begin with he had to give his life for us - what is that but more violence?  Saving us from violence by being violently killed?  What is that but a system of power and abuse being glorified by its God of using that power and abuse for its own glory?

What we need is that man's example of how to love what the world calls unloveable.  Of how to live outside the System of hierarchy, outside the system of power and abuse.  Of how to live a life that was so pure with LOVE that he got killed for it.

What we need now is a Mother to carry us in her womb and love us at her breast.  We need a mother that will rock us with her sweet dance and tell us how amazingly perfect we are from the very beginning.  What we need now is to know that our Mother was and is willing to bleed her very life force for order for us to have life.

What we need now is a Father who knows how to allow Mother to be Mother, and to not be jealous of what only she can do.  What we need now is a Father who will not resort to anger and violence, but will dance lovingly with the Mother.  What we need now is a Father who will stand his ground, in all his pure masculine consciousness that cannot help but draw the Mother to Him; to hold the banks firmly with His presence so that the cleansing water of the Feminine can wash over this earth and purify Her from the inside out.

What we need now is a call not to changing the current system.  The current system of Patriarchy, of Hierarchy is bleeding the Earth and Her inhabitants of life, of love.   Changes to this system will still leave the system that is based on creating "others", in priding Itself on War and strength without heart.

What we need now is a creation of a NEW in which kindness and love prevail.  One in which kids learn to accept themselves because they were born of the perfect gift of love...from a Mother & Father who join together, each bringing their unique gifts of the Masculine & Feminine together in LOVE.  One in which there is no "other"...but where from a place of self-acceptance and self-love we can extend that love and acceptance to all others....

          ..... a place where we would truly see how to be ONE as a Jewish rabbi once called us to do.

My thoughts and prayers and tears are with those precious children that lost their lives and with the families and the community that is now left with the task of picking up the pieces...

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